Monday, January 7, 2013

SEO in 2013 and the Significance of Author Rank

One of the greatest trends we are going to see changing SEO for this year is Author Rank. If you be familiar with of pagerank, you have a concept of what kind of tool this is. Author Rank won't be a replace Pagerank, rather used to notify Pagerank, in the desires of allowing Google to position excellent material more properly. The most important changes are;

1) Author Rank uses Google Plus profiles

2) Content quality will no more be based completely on domain or Web page, it will now be reputation based and take into account the "authority" of the person that written the material. So what can we do to fulfill Author Rank's SEO standards?


In the Author Rank world, we need to have a writer who is an "authority", meaning he or she has a lot of "natural" hyperlinks and he/she is enhanced for their weblogs on Google Plus. If no one in your company maintains a powerful online popularity, begin to build up the Author Rank of your preferred "agent" within the company to make use of it in the future. To make use of this writer, here are 3 key steps;

1. Add a Rel=Author value to your WordPress platforms website. Here are the particular guidelines from Search Engines.

2. It is recommended that your writer should communicate as often as possible with Google Plus (authors are rated on the number of Google Plus groups they are involved in).

3. Adhere to one subject. If the writer creates about a whole variety of topics it is presumed that the material will be sluggish. Google ranks honed writers higher.

Google Plus

The exciting part about this new algorithm is that it needs you to use Google Plus. So blog writers are now going to be motivated to use Google plus to increase SEO. Here is how: At the end of your Google Plus profile page (in modify mode) you will see a contributor section; this is where you can enter in which weblogs you are contributing to. By doing this, you make a connection that improves your SEO. This activity will also make your record more popular in a search because it causes your profile picture to appear.


Once you set up Google Authorship, go and monitor down all the (quality) material you have designed in your particular specialty. How do you see if you are measuring well? Use the Rich Snippet Testing Tool You will confirm authorship and then see your outcomes.

Huge change?

The regular SEO requirements will still be extremely valued; don't stroll away from studying this considering all you need to do now is become effective on Google Plus! The greatest modify we are going to see is more and more blog writers on Google Plus. It's very sly of Google making their social networking site important for SEO, but just as most blog writers will publish to this need and begin using Google Plus, Google is doing what they have to do to obtain more clients.


  1. Thhis is a very interesting post and angle- clearly google is trying to use its google+ to take on the oher major social sites, as there is no doubt in mind that in the long term this will affect rankings- so getting in at the start is a good thing. The problem is that so many people are used to say faebook google are facing an uphill strugle with this to not only catch the competition but lead them. Interesting times for sure.

  2. Great info to have. Thanks for sharing.