Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Predictions for Online Advertising in 2013

At this moment, that 2013 is right around the corner, it's time to deliberate what we are going to see in the New Year for online marketing. It's no secret that online marketing is continuously changing, so predictions can be almost difficult, but there are certain durable trends we all need to prepare for.
Return On Investment
If you believed measurements remained popular in 2012, get prepared to hold analytics in a entire new way. Advertising collaboration with other business components is finally taking root and is it B2B or B2C; you are going to have to show your effort! With limitless marketing ROI tools out there at your disposal, marketers had better study and learn fast, that you can't depend on how many likes and fans you have to show your efficiency. Various businesses in this economy need to recognize how their online marketing is making them money. The problem is, for certain, social media is about CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and others want pure sales. For CLV, you focus on customer retention. For ROI, it's pretty barely focused on sales. To analyze actual ROI, refer to the ROI formula; ROI = (Revenue - Cost) / Cost, x 100 to find if your social media efforts cost you $15,000 but drove $20,000 of business (this number found through analytics software like Google Analytics), this would mean you had an ROI of 35%. It's up to the marketer to assist their client (be it internal or external) see that both measurements have value.

Promoting and Integrated Marketing 
More and more smartphone and hand held devices appear on the marketplace each day and with the measurable efficiency of online advertising, their popularity remains to grow. On the other hand, there appears to be resurgence in integrated advertising. Your business online and offline advertising efforts must be in sync for 2013. Keeping email, mobile and social marketing combined with TV, radio and traditional media campaigns increases the potential for online engagement! It will boost a higher audience both ways by encouraging your offline customers to become online fans or your online fans to involve in offline marketing (like events). Combine your campaigns and gain the benefits!

Have you noticed yet that everybody around you searches online first to see what deals or reviews they can find? According to a latest report, 89 percent of consumers go to Google, Bing or another search engine to discover information on products, services or businesses prior to making purchases. This means marketers have no choice but to increase SEO efforts which seems to change exponentially! Meanwhile, Google is the search engine leader; you might want to focus on keeping up with that algorithm. A great approach to do so is by frequently checking this SEOmoz page which keeps you informed on Google search algorithm updates.

Photo shopping 
Number of Pinterest users to visit the site everyday has gone up 145 percent since the beginning of 2012. We are all learning fast what great source of revenue this will be for online shopping. With other comparable platforms rapidly following this trend, there is no doubt that online shoppers will be going crazy for photo shopping! If you didn't read about the newly arose Qwiqq platform (a new competitor to Pinterest), study all about this photo shopping platform.

Welcome to a New Year! 
Keeping up with analytics, marketing, search and new platforms will be fundamental for 2013. We know everything can change in a heartbeat in the world on online marketing, but feel protected that these trends will hold strong - at least over the coming year!


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