Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backlinking plays a vital role in SEO and also termed as backbone of the website.

Today the field of search engine optimization is becoming competitive day by day and backlinking is gaining popularity as a crucial SEO tool. There are number of factors determining one's position on the website and driving traffic towards your site and backlinking is gaining significance and plays an important role for SEO. While discussing about the importance of backlinks, they can be termed as backbone of the website giving it the invisible but essential support.  

Defining technically backlinks are the inbound links on the website. They are the links placed on other webpage's and are directed towards your website, these are also known as incoming links, inlinks, and inward links. Quality inbound links add weight to the website popularity and search engine ranking. 95% of SEO focus today revolves around quality backlinking.  

There are a number of ways to build quality and effective backlinks for your website.  Submitting your site to directories, article sites, Online Press Releases, placing signature links in the forums, leaving comments on the blogs etc. are some easiest methods for inbound linking. You can use reciprocal link exchange program with quality websites to get related with them. 

Importance of backlinking for the SEO game can be discussed under following points:

Quality backlinks attracts search engines to find your website. Here, quality of the links dominates over the no. of links directed towards your website. Important thing to be noticed is, a web site linked to you having content relevant to your website will perform better than the website having content unrelated to your website.  

Backlinking is a part of the entire ranking algorithm process for all the search engines. If two sites are similar in content and design, search engines have a tendency to prefer site having more inbound links but again quality links dominate. Linking with a bad site will cause a drop off for your websites on the search engines. 
Quality backlinks drive not only search engines but are a crucial factor to attract the web users towards your website.

Backlinks helps to point towards your site.  Backlinks found on forums, blogs and other sites across the internet boost up your website popularity. 

In today's PR obsessed internet world inbound links are an effective tool to gain better Google PR. Google always consider number of inbound links while raking the websites. 

Not only Google but all the biggies like Yahoo and MSN now use link popularity and link anchor text as the most important factors in determining their rankings.

Linking to the relevant and standard websites enhance your credibility in the World Wide Web. 

You can increase your website PR and web traffic through the inbound linking with trusted resources. Add some quality links to your website and see your web business rocking.


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  4. I personally consider backlink or simply link as a highway towards your site. The more route there is going to your site, the better.

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