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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Seo - How Fonts And Graphics Sabotage Seo

Creating a search engine optimized web site can be confusing. On one hand you have web site designers telling you to include more eye candy on your site in the form of attractive fonts, animations and graphics. On the other hand SEO experts will tell you that the minute a search engine spider or bot encounters a weird font, picture or flash animation that it cannot translate into text for whatever reason then it will read all of your text as blank space! This is a good way to get yourself ignored by the search engines.

The solution to this is to integrate your text with normal, average fonts wherever you can such as Times New Roman, Arial or Verdana. Never print a photograph on your site without first making sure that you have a photo caption in bold printed beneath it. Google image bots love this and it helps get your site more highly ranked in its search engine pages.

You might also have to reconcile yourself to the sad fact that although flash can be amusing it is very mid nineties and out of style. It looks tacky and having it on your site usually tells your customers that you don't have much experience at either designing or selling on the Internet. You really don't need Flash animation to sell yourself, especially if your product or service is good.

Another big mistake is to simply upload your site with mostly pictures of products or your subject matter. This leaves nothing for the search engines to index. This is a big mistake unless you are linked to a strong partner or have a very efficient linking campaign running. Whenever possible always remember to include as much text as you can to improve your rankings because anything read as blank space by search engine bots and spiders equal low ratings!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Use Article To Increase Your Google Rank

It doesn't really matter who you are; you definitely know something that's worth sharing with other.  In fact if you are a webmaster chances are you have a lot of knowledge that other's could gain insight from.  And that knowledge shared through articles can be a valuable asset to your website. 

Interesting and informative articles are in big demand. Article directories meet this demand by making them available in one location for webmasters to use on their sites, in their newsletters, and in their Ezines.  There are many article banks to choose from and you should sign up for as many as possible.

So you are wondering what qualifications you need to write an article?

You simply need to have knowledge on a topic, any topic that others might benefit from.  You need to ensure your content is clean, contains no profanity, and no hate literature.   Article banks will accept most articles that are interesting and informative as long as they don't contain the above. 

If you aren't sure?  Consider this.  Would you read it?  Does it catch your interest?  If the answer is yes then there are most likely many others that would read it.

From search engine optimization, to how to grow the most beautiful roses, to buying jewelry, to lawyers and doctors.  It's all useful.  From simple to technical to basic, your perspective may be anywhere from useful to universal. 

Your articles should be written in proper English.  If English is not your native tongue consider hiring a ghostwriter to write your article for you.  Ghostwriters are also a valuable tool if you are not good at writing or simply don't have the time.  There are several sites online where you can obtain the services for a reasonable fee.

When submitting your article to the article directories be sure to read their submission guidelines.  Only submit your article if it fits in an appropriate category.  If it does not then find a different article bank that is more suited to your article.

The exposure you get from your article is unlimited and you can submit your article to thousands of directories if you like.  These articles are an excellent way to boost your one way inbound links and they are a lot less hassle then finding good link partners.  

Use the resource box to provide information about your site or yourself and be sure to include the active link to your site.  Use the resource box to entice visitors to visit your site.

You can get traffic to your site because of search engines and the possibility or probability of someone reading the article, then clicking your link.   You get a double hit  - two for one.  What more could you ask for.  This is virtual marketing at its' best!  Exposure 24/7.  Everyday, all day long, and the only effort required by you is to submit your article or articles.

So if you are looking for more exposure, improved search engine rankings, and to get your company in the lime light, you certainly should consider writing a few articles and submitting them to the article directories.  In fact submitting one article each week can give you great benefits!

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Rating Blog, A Top Ranking SEO, Internet Marketing and Online Business Blog

If one wants to reach dizzy heights in Internet marketing in a genuine and time tested manner then The Rating Blog should invariably be such a person's place of online business pilgrimage. The Rating Blog is the favorite of the best search engines of the cyber world and, being a highly SEO acclaimed blog, it is frequently visited by some of the expert talents of online business from whom an online business dabbler can take valuable advice. This blog is attractive in its content and interaction with its visitors. It consists of the following sections: the Blog, The Online Business Handbook, Money Maker Monday, Asking Alan, Interviews, About, Articles and Advertise.

The creator of The Rating Blog is an online business expert who believes in showing a reliable way of achieving success in Internet marketing. According to him, there are no shortcuts to success, as many Internet marketing blogs falsely promise. Here, one can get invaluable assistance in starting and carrying on Internet business successfully. Blog marketing is fast catching on these days and the online community is infested with innumerable business blogs that offer highly useless information to which the inexperienced business enthusiasts get attracted. These are actually marketing blogs, whose main aim is just to make their blogs popular by attracting SEO traffic

The Rating Blog is a business blog where people can get everything under the sun about online business. In the Blog section one can get current information about online business amongst useful information from other fields. In the About section one can get to know the author of The Rating Blog and find out how he feels he and his visitors are benefited by this Internet marketing blog. The Online Business Handbook contains A to Z information about online business.

In order to gain maximum benefit from this ace marketing blog one should first subscribe for this handbook that is available absolutely free, read it, visit the blog, subscribe via RSS and subscribe to the author's newsletter. Attaining 100 % success in online business is explained in 3 simple steps. Selecting the web host, registering domain name, website promotion by buying traffic from some of the best search engines and SEO blogs and then monetizing one's website traffic are amongst the major steps in achieving success in online business. 

The Money Maker Monday and Asking Alan podcasts are unique features of this top-rated SEO blog. These are the podcasts through which the e-business expert keeps in constant touch with his visitors, clears their doubts and offers expert advice. The Interviews section of The Rating Blog consists of interview excerpts from people who have made it big in online business, so that beginners take them as examples and work their way to success. The Articles section consists of the best Internet business write-ups. In the Advertise section one can place advertisements of his/her company, as this is one the most frequently visited amongst the SEO blogs and the response to the advertisements can be overwhelming.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Return Visitors Gives You Prominent Position in Search Engines

Today what everyone assumes that attracting more and more visitors is the easiest way to increase the traffic. Somehow it is true, but a site will be truly popular if it makes the new visitors to come back again and again. It is much easier getting people to visit your site first time than it is getting them to come back. Now the question is what is that thing that gives an impact on someone so that he visit the site again and again?

There is no any formula; there are so many things you need to do that can change a first time visitor to a regular visitor. In this article I am giving you some good ways so that visitors just stick to your site and make the visits regularly.

Navigation Structure

This is the easiest way of getting return visitors to your site. The users can easily get frustrated if they are finding hard to search something on your website.  Always use three clicks formula in your site navigation structure so that the visitors get all the required information in just three clicks. The best way to do that is to create a site map. Put a site map on the home page and on the footer of every page. These are very helpful, for both visitors and spiders. If a site contains so many inner pages or internal links then search bars will be more encouraging to the website return visitors.

Relevant  & Fresh Content

Content is foremost and the most important factor of any website to encourage return visitors. Visitors visit the site only for the information not for the attractive designs and animated pictures. The content should be theme based i.e. it is should be relevant to the products or services you are providing. For example, you are selling a product say a manufacturing tool but your site is telling about Britney Spears. Then all your efforts will be bootless and the visitor at once clicks off and visits a competitor. Another way of attracting return visitors is by providing fresh and updated content. People always want time-to-time information that is frequently updated.

Ezine Publishing

Writing and publishing articles will make you in touch with your visitors constantly and it often goes a long way towards establishing your site a regular stop for many visitors. If there are a lot of new articles to read each time, then you'll probably find a new visitor coming back several times more to collect the new information.

Adding a "What's new today" page of some sort to inform your regular visitors about recent developments, will constantly encourage your return visitors. But make sure that you have things in adequate amount to report on it. 

Create a Forum

This is the most powerful and practical tool in bringing huge success. There may be many sites contain good content but the main reason who kept the return visitors coming back again and again, is the discussion forms. You can create many specific forums for each category discussed on your site. If you have a discussion board then most of the people will come just to see what other people have posted on your site. What's new going on? What kind of website problems are people dealing with? And the best part about the discussion forums is no requirement of any special software to visit the forums.

Just focus on creating discussion boards on your site and see the magic. They will really increase the rate of return visitors. 

Start Monthly Raffles

It's a very interesting tool to encourage return visitors. You can fascinate visitors by giving something valuable for free every month by starting some offers and competitions. But make sure that the prize is worth winning and affordable for you also.

This will also prove to be good and will increase the hits on your site.

Newsletters are also Helpful

Newsletters are basically simple announcements that let others know about the new arrivals, the changes you have made on your site. They will keep you in touch with the visitors. Always keep your newsletters interesting by giving some fascinating styles-from a simple, one color piece to multi color format. You can also put some add-on like graphic designs, pictures, photographs etc. But this will depend all on your budget. And if you will able to get your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters then you can e-mail your newsletters to them and the newsletters will work as a reminder of your site. This will help a lot in returning the visitors.

Just keep in mind that more attractive is the newsletter, more interest it will attract that will lead to the increase in numbers of return visitors.

Go for any way! Just keep in mind that your goal is to increase number of return visitors. But firstly focus on the actual content of your site then opt any of the other tips.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

RSS Feed Submission Established as a Good SEO Linking Campaign

When you publish a blog, RSS feeds are great ways to get your message out and connect with readers in your target market.  RSS feeds allow you to broadcast out your messages, bring in new readers to your blog with an interest in your chosen topic, and build-up a committed reader-base, all at the same time.  In addition, RSS feeds are a great choice of a variety of tools which can help with your SEO linking campaign. 

One of the first things you quickly discover as a blogger is that a successful search engine optimization campaign can take up a ton of your time, and raise your frustration level to new heights, all at the same time.  Many new bloggers generally start with the blog submit sites and even attempt manual RSS feed submit techniques, but eventually they all end up deciding that it is just all too much work to do with any real regularity.  However, if they give up completely it really hurts their SEO efforts and their ability to grow and monetize their blog successfully.  And, if they choose to do it half-heartedly or only occasionally, then it really isn't a very successful to help improve their search engine rankings.  

The problem with using a manual feed submitter, or using an individual RSS submitter even, is that it is very time consuming to deal with on a consistent basis.  Most bloggers simply want to blog and get their words out to the world; they do not want to spend hours upon hours on their SEO and marketing efforts.  By submitting your RSS feed to each site at a time, you can easily spend hours upon hours of time and never really get too much return for all of your work.

Software programmers, many of them bloggers themselves, have developed some great semi-automatic RSS feed submit tools which you can now choose from to help submit your RSS feed without it being such a time consuming proposition.  These software programs allow you to simultaneously submit your blog and RSS feeds to literally thousands of directories, and to do it all with only a couple quick mouse-clicks.  

Setting up the RSS feed submission software is a breeze and the submission process takes less than ten or fifteen minutes each day, from start to finish, making it much faster and easier than manual RSS submit attempts.

If you are a blogger interested in publishing RSS and getting your feed out into the RSS databases of the world, I would highly suggest that you check out some of the amazing new RSS software tools available to you today on the market.  Choose a tool that is easy to use and one which will allow you to reach the maximum amount of directories possible for the least amount of hands-on work.  Additionally, if you are taking the time to use more robust XML feed technologies, you want to use a semi-automatic feed submitter for those as well.  

By remembering that your ultimate goal as a blogger or webmaster is always the most exposure and back links possible, for the least amount of your time, you simply cannot go wrong using a semi-automatic feed submitter.  And, your search engine rankings will soar through the roof as a nice by-product of all of that exposure and linking.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Profitable Keywords

If you target the wrong keywords you might as well give up and go home now......

Keywords are the first thing you need to consider when approaching the subject of internet marketing and search engine optimisation and if not properly selected will loose you copious amounts of targeted traffic.

I would hazard a guess that probably 99% of websites are not targeting the keywords that would be most profitable for them and so are losing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pounds by ignoring this important part of Search Engine Optimization.

Most businesses when asked "So how did you decide on the keywords you wanted to target" will say one of the following two:

1."They are the keywords my competitors use so I used them".
2."Well it obvious they are the keywords I should use isn't it".

Do these comments sound familiar to you? To 99% of you they will and if that's the case then you need to read on.

Keyword selection is an easy process but many people overlook it and target keywords that they would expect to be profitable and find out to their peril that they were not.

First of let me clear one thing up that not a lot of people seem to realise and that is that a keyword is individual, So for arguments sake the key phrase "great keyword" is different to the key phrase "keywords that are great". This sounds strange I know but if you are optimising for a specific key phrase you need to keep your eye on that key phrase (this is important to remember).

There are now many tools that make the process of keyword selection very easy. One example of this is Yahoo marketing's (formally known as overture) keyword tool that's free to use and will quickly tell you all the different variations of the keywords you are targeting and exactly how popular they are.

I always recommend the following when deciding the best keywords for a campaign:

1. Put yourself in your customer's shoes (what would you search for if you were looking for your product or service?).
2. Research your competition and see what they are doing but don't just do what they are doing because they are.
3. Write down all of your suggestions and ideas for keywords (you will need them next)
4. Go to the Yahoo marketing web page and use their free keyword checking tool and in turn type in your key phrase suggestions.
5. Take note of all of the different combinations that are suggested to you and the amount of searches done on them this is where you normally find out that the key phrase you thought was profitable are not the most profitable on the list.
6. This is where you now decide to reselect your keywords unless you are in the 1%.

Only once you know what specific keywords you are targeting can you start the job of search engine optimisation safe in the knowledge that you are not chasing a white elephant.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backlinking plays a vital role in SEO and also termed as backbone of the website.

Today the field of search engine optimization is becoming competitive day by day and backlinking is gaining popularity as a crucial SEO tool. There are number of factors determining one's position on the website and driving traffic towards your site and backlinking is gaining significance and plays an important role for SEO. While discussing about the importance of backlinks, they can be termed as backbone of the website giving it the invisible but essential support.  

Defining technically backlinks are the inbound links on the website. They are the links placed on other webpage's and are directed towards your website, these are also known as incoming links, inlinks, and inward links. Quality inbound links add weight to the website popularity and search engine ranking. 95% of SEO focus today revolves around quality backlinking.  

There are a number of ways to build quality and effective backlinks for your website.  Submitting your site to directories, article sites, Online Press Releases, placing signature links in the forums, leaving comments on the blogs etc. are some easiest methods for inbound linking. You can use reciprocal link exchange program with quality websites to get related with them. 

Importance of backlinking for the SEO game can be discussed under following points:

Quality backlinks attracts search engines to find your website. Here, quality of the links dominates over the no. of links directed towards your website. Important thing to be noticed is, a web site linked to you having content relevant to your website will perform better than the website having content unrelated to your website.  

Backlinking is a part of the entire ranking algorithm process for all the search engines. If two sites are similar in content and design, search engines have a tendency to prefer site having more inbound links but again quality links dominate. Linking with a bad site will cause a drop off for your websites on the search engines. 
Quality backlinks drive not only search engines but are a crucial factor to attract the web users towards your website.

Backlinks helps to point towards your site.  Backlinks found on forums, blogs and other sites across the internet boost up your website popularity. 

In today's PR obsessed internet world inbound links are an effective tool to gain better Google PR. Google always consider number of inbound links while raking the websites. 

Not only Google but all the biggies like Yahoo and MSN now use link popularity and link anchor text as the most important factors in determining their rankings.

Linking to the relevant and standard websites enhance your credibility in the World Wide Web. 

You can increase your website PR and web traffic through the inbound linking with trusted resources. Add some quality links to your website and see your web business rocking.

Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Create Smart Incoming Linking

In order to get your site recognized by the main search engines and obtain a high page ranking, you need to be able to get your site noticed by engines like Yahoo and Google. While there are several more search engines out there, these are the big two that you want to get noticed, and ranked, by.

One way, a very big way, to get noticed is to create incoming links that are going to stand out to the search engines. How do you do that? See Smart Linking, but more about it later. You have to be honest with your links, you have to link to a relevant site, you have to use strong anchor text in your link to get noticed, and most importantly, IT HAS TO BE RELEVANT.

Today, search engines use spybots and cookies to bounce around the internet checking all of the information and links that are out there. A couple of years ago, search engines didn't have that ability, so web masters could create links that were not truthful or relevant to the sites he or she were linking to. They used business directories like DMOZ and many others.

Now a web master has to be careful with his or her links. In order to create smart and effective links, a web master has to choose a site to link to that is relevant to his or her own site. If I have a site that sells ink for ball point pens, I would not want to try and link to a site that buys scrap metal. The bots and cookies would check the links, find out that they have no relevance to one another, and give me little or no credit towards my page rankings.

That is the key in smart web marketing: using smart incoming links. Another factor that makes links smart is anchor text. If I link to a site, the text that a person would click on to come to my site is called the anchor text. 

For my pen ink site, I might want to link to the site that sells the ball point that goes in the tip of the pen. For my anchor text, I wouldn't want to simply put "Click here", I would put something like: "For the best ink to go with the best ball point, visit me."

Why is that "smart incoming linking"? Because of the relevance and the anchor text. Search engines will recognize both of those factors and give my site a higher pager ranking because I am linking to a similar site. Not an identical product or service, but one that my product can help and vice-versa. One Canadian based web site Smart Linking (Canadian Text Links) has done it very well by allowing clients to choose the link and anchor they wish for a relatively affordable price.

Other factors that help make smart incoming links are linking to a site that is, itself, highly rated by the search engines and, getting your link on a webpage that has several relevant keywords in regards to your site. 
While there are other ways to increase the power of your links, these are the foundation of creating smart incoming links and will help you on your way of achieving a higher page rank.

To have a high quality backlinks to your site visit us at Get SEO Web Traffic

Friday, October 19, 2012

Content, Traffic And More Google Adsense Profits

How to get content using articles grow targeted traffic and get more money with Google AdSense program.

Today everybody is talking about good content and how important it is to have one on any site. Good, relevant content is so loved by search engines. Quality content is a powerful advantage in the Internet.

The demand for quality content gave second birth to article. I am sure you already tried to submit or write and submit article(s). Everyone does it now. My experience shows that nice content and good submission work give you a huge publicity online. With time article pages get bigger and bigger PR and keep sending you extra targeted traffic.

Even if Google, Yahoo, MSN change their rules, will this affect good content? Never. Internet is nothing without good, relevant content and good article is a nice content indeed.

This is when it comes really easy to understand that running your own article directory is a very smart thing to do in terms of Internet marketing, SEO.

The BENEFITS of having article directory on your site are great:
  • every day your site grows with new relevant content - articles;

  • each new page is indexed by search engines, these are the pages with super relevant content, on your keywords, this means with every new article in your directory you score more on your keywords with search engines;

  • each article page is a page with quality content, the Page Rank of article page grows with time - just think how many pages with nice PR you will have automatically;

  • article directory gives you traffic from search engines, very targeted traffic, people who come to read and find, your site gives them super relevant content (tests on real sites prove that people click 10+ more pages in sites with article directory in comparison to 2-3+ clicks before article directory was created on this site);

  • you have no problems with content, it grows itself, fresh articles, on the keywords you need;

  • you can easily monetize the traffic with Google AdSense, if you have your own products/services in the niche - direct traffic from article pages to your subscription email or order page - you have the right to do that, it is your site.

So, having article directory on your sites is much better than not having article directory.

What can stop you from creating article directory for your site now?

#1. You do not have the skills. - Now everything is easy as programs do all the job. All you need is a professional tool for creating and running your article directory. You just install it on your sites, do setup and the rest is managed by the tool.

#2. Articles can be dangerous. - Yes, they can. If you plan to create directory with 200-1,000 articles in 2 days, search engines may think that you are a spammer. But who says to do so? Grow your directory gradually. 5-10 new articles a day are better than hundreds in a bulk.

Search engines like to see gradual growth of articles in the directory, give them this gradual growth. All you do is picking up or declining articles. Accept about 10 top relevant and interesting articles and the tool generates pages, puts them in the category you choose, creates RSS feed for the pages - everything to get bigger attention from search engines.

Now you see, that the only problem with article directory on the site is the question of balance. When you try to squeeze everything at once, your directory will have the content, but search engines will notice your growth only once.

On the other hand, if you are not trying to catch up with wind and care for quality of each article, the gradual growth will show much better results. Still, getting extra 10-20 new quality content pages every day is not a bad thing. Even if Google bosses visit your site every week, they will not say anything: you are not spamming, you are managing your directory, taking care of the quality for your clients and visitors.

Article Directory + Smart Efforts = Content, Traffic & Money

Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Digg Can Be Used For SEO

An examination of the social network called Digg and how it can be used as part of a successful search engine strategy.

One of the newest places to submit articles that you have written is Digg. This is a huge social network whose readers actually despise anything that looks like marketing. You probably won't last two minutes on this site, which has a "burial" feature that kicks overt displays of advertising right off the sight. However if you are very clever about the way you position yourself on Digg you can use it as a marketing tool to bring more visitors to your site and that may mean potential link partners and advertisers. If you are successful at posting writing on Digg then you will likely experience a ton of traffic being brought to your site.

Digg is all about user powered content. Everything is submitted and voted on by the digg community. After you submit content, other people read your submission and Digg what they like best. If your story is popular and receives enough Digg vote, it is promoted to the front page for the millions of visitors to see. So how can you turn this into an SEO tool?

The first challenge is to get people to give a Digg vote to your posting. This means having an article on the top page or linking to someone who has a story on the top page. However even after you manage that you need to have a fantastic title and summary or the savvy, marketing hating readers on Digg may not even glance at any URL that is attached.

The main way that Digg can be part of a good SEO strategy is in driving a lot of traffic to your site quickly by getting in the top ten read articles on the first page of the site. This creates the kind of buzz and credibility for your site that just cannot be bought using keyword articles only. Source: http://tinyurl.com/9sh28qr

Visit Get SEO Web Traffic SEO Packages strategically designed for maximum exposure for your business and  our affordable Bookmarking Submission Package that will suite your budget.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Fine Tune Your Organic Seo Techniques

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website or page so that you will become one of the top results in a search engine query.  Increased link popularity results in higher Search Engine rankings for your chosen search items so this is one of the most effective methods for organic SEO.

The Advantages of Organic SEO

Many people look down on organic Search Engine Optimization, preferring to use other techniques (such as pay-per-click search engine advertising) that   to their minds - result in higher page rankings in the minimum amount of time.  What they don't realize is that, while this technique does result in higher page ranks, they get smaller profit margins in return because of the 'cash up front' that they have to forego.

Organic SEO Secret

The 'secret' to organic SEO is in its "natural" approach to increasing inbound links to your website   which means getting visitors to your website, and enticing them to link to your page.  In a sense, organic SEO is a two-step process:  getting people interested enough in your website to pay a visit; and providing sufficiently interesting content to persuade them to link to your site.

Organic SEO also involves finding the right keyword to optimize for.  If you are not sure what your key phrases are, there are online tools available to help you.  These tools are useful in keyword research which will help you refine your organic SEO approach.

Get Indexed

Organic SEO begins with getting indexed by the search engines.  If you are not in a search engine's index, you will not be included in search engines results pages.  Thus, you have to submit your site to search engines.

Search engine submission can be done through a lot of ways.  You can do it through the most obvious way; that is, by submitting your site URL to Google, Yahoo and other search engines you wish to be part of.

Another popular way of getting indexed is by submitting your site to open directories such as DMOZ.  This particular open directory is used by Google, so if you get your site listed there, the Googlebot will certainly find you.

In line with directory submission, links from important sites can get you indexed quickly.  If you want fast results, buy a one-way link from an important site (not a link farm, mind you) so that Googlebot or any other search engine spider can follow that link to your site and in consequence get your site indexed.  In the same way, you can also try site submission services.

Be an Active Netizen

You can also consider taking proactive approaches to optimizing your website.  Think about getting into offline optimization strategies such as participating in online forums or blogs, submitting articles, writing press releases and directory submissions, all of which will give you opportunities to 'seed' links pointing back to your website.

One excellent approach is to start a blog or two about your key phrase, and then link these blogs to your website.  Make sure, however, that you continually add fresh content to both your blogs and your site.  There is nothing more frustrating for visitors than finding old, outdated content.  Providing fresh and interesting content on a regular basis will encourage more people to visit your site.

Organic SEO:  It's Best When It's Natural

Organic Search Engine Optimization's involves more sweat than cash; as such, your profit margins are larger than the other techniques.  More importantly, you don't have to worry about spamming search engines, or engage in 'black hat' strategies that risk your getting banned or having your listings dropped.  It may entail a little pain, but the long term benefits add up to a major amount of gain.

So optimize your website the natural way and watch your page ranking grow.  In due time, you will feel the satisfaction of having a top-ranked page.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Feed Your Users With Quality Content

In order to create quality content for your visitors the general principles that you must follow are: 
  • it has to be relevant to the main topic of the site (about product/products/services, etc)
  • the content can fit in the general industry of the website (about related products/services)
  • it has to provide value to the visitors ( potential customers )
If you do create a website with quality content you will benefit from:
  • increased customer-to-client conversions (because they understand why but also how to use your product/service)
  • increased search engine traffic ( because more pages with content mean more visibility, along with the long tail of search)
  • more natural, quality and relevant links ( because they will be pointing from established sites in the same industry as yours, from within the context and with the relevant keywords )
If you are wondering where to get quality content, it is quite simple and hard at the same time because the best way to obtain quality content is to write it yourself thus the chances of having a duplicate content will be null. If you don't have any writing experience, you should start writing because you and only you knows what your product is about, you know how to promote it the best. We offer you a small list of how to do it:
  • start writing ( any amount of text, on a regular  basis )
  • you must focus on the benefits of your product
  • format the text for the WWW
  • provide value and numerous points of view on your product
  • keyword research is imperative
  • write natural titles and content
By writing quality content for your site you will get more targeted traffic and will most likely help you to increase conversions. These are the reasons:
Getting more traffic onto your website:
  • people will link to valuable content, which will increase your website search engine rankings
  • valuable content will also generate word-of-mouth advertising ( the most appreciated type of advertising available )
  • by adding quality ( unique ) content, you make your site findable by a much wider array of words (search queries)
Increasing conversions:
  • by getting more and more traffic the amount of potential customers will increase ( at least theoretically ), thus increasing conversions
  • while reading your unique & valuable material, the visitors of your website will have not only more time but also ideas of purchasing your product/service
  • when providing value to your visitors ( potential customers ), they will be more likely to remember you when they are in need of the product/service you provide
Don't know what to write about? Although there are many ways of writing content that appeal to the visitors, there is only one important principle: the content written is targeted to provide value. We offer you a small list of types of content that you might use on your website:
  • about how your product or the service you provide is important ( on a regular basis or once in a while, etc. )
  • about the different types of the product or service you provide
  • advantages of using the product, benefiting from the service you have to offer
  • basic information regarding the product and basic usage information
In order to attract more and more visitors, quality content shouldn't be text only as many people will get bored reading page after page. In order to provide value you must insert one of the following:
  • audio information in mp3 format or similar
  • quality images ( high resolution )
  • videos ( tutorials as well as interesting and catching ads )
  • reviews, testimonials and comments regarding your product
All things considered, by providing quality content you will attract more and more visitors thus increasing your chances for more sales because these visitors are potential clients. It is a known fact that a stolen content won't be taken into consideration by search engines which will most likely ignore your website ).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ontological Text Recognition: The New SEO Reality

The old days of SEO are gone. Just not too long ago, standard SEO practices would place a site in the graces of the major search engines. Let's examine what these standard techniques are before I venture into the copywriting/ontological part of SEO.

-Clean code and use of a CSS. It is still imperative to write in clean code and avoid proprietary tags or server side extensions such as the ones created/required by certain web design programs. Use a cascading style sheet to reduce attribute clutter.

-Keyword density. The accepted parameters call for keyword presence on each page in order to rank well for the particular term. Too little density and the search engines will not rank the site well and too much will be viewed as spam.

-Unidirectional and reciprocal linking. The more sites linking to one and the better the site will score. Note: reciprocal links are being discounted by Google in particular because of rampant, free for all link exchange abuse. Make sure anchor text reflects the keywords being targeted when conducting a link campaign.

The  standard above guidelines are what many SEOs are focusing on to help websites in the top rank arena.

While these are still the basics, we are seeing a a shift in the ranks where sites rank extremely well for a keyword without such term even being present on the page. How is this possible? The only possible explanation is the contextual text relationship or theme of a site.

Google seems to be at the forefront of this technology: the sites that are doing well even for terms that are not present in the text or anchor links are very rich in related content. Also, very important, the site relates to the particular key phrase. Let's try an example: when searching for "market timing", a site is in the top 3 in Google. The site has hundreds of pages indexed and deals with market research for stocks, stock buying and investment decision tools. A human being reading through the site found by searching for market timing will find the site extremely informative and pertinent to the search. Then, how is it possible that Google could rank it high if it is just blindly indexing the text to find the exact keyword? The answer is ontological text recognition. By reading the contextual relationship between words and paragraphs, Google is capable of "understanding" that the site, without mentioning a particular keyword, will be relevant when a user searches for it.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, a lot. Copywriting is king. Well written content, informative article writing in conjunction with standard SEO techniques are the new search optimization reality. It means more work but also the advantage of maintaining more solid ranks over time as no competitor site can just easily tweak some code to rank higher. We have been focusing heavily on this new aspect to find the best way to create user friendly and rich content that will be positively received by search engines and searchers alike.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Using SEO to Improve Your Web Traffic

When we think about traffic, we think about getting stuck in crowded areas, or trying to avoid speeding automobiles when walking across crosswalks. But  we don't want traffic on our streets, we want web traffic. Web traffic is the phrase for the flow of people going to your website. The more traffic you have, the more those who are looking at your website and learning your opinions or clicking your ads.

Of course, everyone at every stage of web design wants to enhance web traffic, but there are a few aspects you need to do to make sure you get more traffic. Using SEO is the only tried and actual way how to enhance web traffic.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and at its core this would mean enhancing your sites position on the search engines. Some people are content with knowing that when people search for their company name, it comes up. If people know your full company name they can find out you quite easily. To see how this functions, type the name of your favorite japanese restaurant into your regular search engine, and it should come up as the first result. Next, type in 'japanese restaurant' and see where the restaurant is. Getting your name out there is only 50 % the battle; you have to think about offering new readers to your website. SEO does this by getting it to the top of search pages.

SEO uses a mix of keywords, Meta tags, and backlinks to put your website at the top. There are professional companies that will help you get to the top, but there are techniques to make little changes on your own, without having to use anyone. Unless you are an SEO professional, then you might not be able to do much, but something is better than nothing. Most realistic SEO companies state that it will spend a while before they are done absolutely enhancing your website, so if you have already made a start then it will take smaller interval, and cost less money, before you're ready to go.

To begin using SEO to get more traffic to your website, you will have to use a mix of changing code and changing the content. It doesn't need to be considerable changes to your code; you won't be enjoying around with the whole aspect. Actually, the only change that you'll see will be the improve of people. At the very top of your website, before you even begin on body, you will have the option of such as Meta text. This text isn't seen on the page at all, but it's seen by search engines. Type.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all look to these Meta keywords and go with them to those that were researched for. If your keywords match, your website will be near the top, and you will increase you traffic to your website.

For more information on SEO Link Building, Visit the Get SEO Web Traffic homepage. They offer Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking and Article Marketing.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Improve Web Visitors - Exclusive SEO Core Guidelines That Give Your Webpages More Authority

Unique SEO techniques on how to improve website traffic can get rid of your web pages immediately to the top of Google outcomes. This result from careful anchor-text hyperlinks placed in reverse to your web page from OTHER great ranking web qualities. Furthermore, when you can get your anchor-text weblink to reveal itself countless times upon the same extremely persistent Google listing, each one matters as an trustworthy returning backlink to your web page. For you, this is similar to a grow impact that gives your connected web page increasing energy.

The QUICKEST kind of on the internet exposure, even for new sites, comes from educational or business linking, as these types of sites already have the popularity for providing extremely useful value to online visitors. This consists of a great option regarding how to improve web visitors because, when approved companies connect to YOUR website or web page, the recognized value of your material immediately improves.

This happens merely by organization. Yet, when you are actually writing powerful content, the visitors who come to your website or web page mainly because of its powerful SEO organization, can help generate for you a more lasting presence on the web.

This continues to be true because:

One - Each visitor tends to remain on your web page for a many years reading the interesting material you are introducing. This matters highly in the Google analytics rating system.

Two: You begin to build a popularity of trust, which matters extremely in connection with how to improve web visitors because you gain the energy to convert total guests into devoted buyers of your products and services with the passage of your time and sometimes even immediately.

Three - The bounce returning impact of regularly proven authority occurs, as Google gives your rated website or web page even further reliability in the form of increased on the internet exposure to keyword related issues.

On the subject of SEO anchor-text connecting strategy, it is always best to have your hyperlinks come from OUTSIDE resource, of course, which already has great authority of its own. Furthermore, for the best position of your weblink, having it included within normal written text material continues to be a most reliable method which the search engine optimization can immediately recognize.

As you find out how to improve web visitors via effective SEO technique, do pay attention to this term of warning. If you are a starter or have a brand new start-up website or web page, be prepared to do just a little bit more work than that required by established on the internet qualities. The reality is that you can still achieve your goals for obtaining great Google pagerank.

However, more recent sites will receive far more strict analysis in the releasing and modern building stages. This mainly occurs nowadays in reaction to the negative encounters that spammers provide to surfers' on the internet search activities.

Google, especially, is determined not to let generally or be recurrent. Therefore, the rules for gaining initial authority are highly made for starter sites and webpages. In continuing with unique techniques of how to improve web visitors, lots of experienced website owners and beginners, as well, are deliberately choosing to use cms style sites and webpages rather than the traditional HTML arranged ones. The wordpress platform is a prime example of this.

The latter web page presentation platform provides users with a very clean look and a web page interface that feels a little bit more attractive and easy to get around... not to mention a healthy variety of performances by way of multiple professional layouts and themes. However, from an SEO viewpoint, the names of some webpages generated by cms lack search website friendliness and most often require URL spinning by the website owner. Having a URL that search engines can easily read and track is vital to the achievements of your website or web page material.

As you can see from the above how-to-increase-web-traffic explanations, SEO information covers an enormous useful range... such include tips, strategies, and techniques which range from basic abilities to extremely advanced development techniques.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Virtual Hand-Holding: Aids in making sitemaps

In virtual hand-holding, it is an important tip to remember that people visit the site in order to look for some information. Internet surfers are an unforgiving lot. They only visit sites that are useful to them. With thousands of websites out there that offer the same features as your own site, how do you stand out? This is where sitemaps come in.

What is a sitemap, you ask? Just as the name implies, this is an aid that makes navigating a website easier. The premise is basically the same as in an ordinary map. A sitemap contains the structure of the website as well as links to the site's major parts and subsections. Now, if your site offers sufficient information as well as easy navigation then you have hit the jackpot. Your site will probably generate more traffic than your competitors'. 

Another advantage to having a site map is that search engines love it, mainly because of two things -- text and keywords. Therefore, it might also prove beneficial to combine relevant keywords with hypertext links. For instance, if your sitemap has a link to website promotion, then your hyperlink should contain the words 'website promotion' and then linked directly to that page in your site.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, a site map need not be fancy. It's good for it to be catchy, though what's important is for it to be clear and easy to navigate. In order to have a good site map, one must remember four things.

First, a prominent link to your sitemap should be placed on every page. It should be labelled as SITE MAP so that surfers can easily spot it. 

The next thing you need to remember in order to have a good sitemap is that your sitemap should show all your web pages through different levels as basic text links.

The third thing to remember is to use standard colours for links and for the visited links as well.

Lastly, your sitemap should show a quick and easy-to-follow overview of the site without the need to scroll around in the web browser. 

Google and Yahoo had begun allowing people to submit site maps to their account as a way of informing them about your web pages as well as the updates to your site. Although it does not help your page ranking any, it's still worth taking the time to set up properly.

As more people came to the conclusion that sitemaps are indispensable, more and more sites have began offering free software for generating site maps. A quick search on Google for advice on creating a site map initially cropped up many links to software you could buy or download for free to create a site map. One such site is www.xml-sitemaps.com, which offers a free online sitemap generator. 

When you are done with your sitemap, do not forget to tell Google about it so they can know about and hopefully index all the pages of your site.

 Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/179941

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Attack Smaller Searches To Get The Big Ones!

Looking on the internet can not only be fun, but sometimes you need to be absolutely creative.

For those of you who have been looking for the internet for decades now, you've probably tailored methods to discover things easily.

Unfortunately when it comes to promoting your website, nothing out there is categorized as a quick fix. If individuals do say it's a quick fix, it probably has a significant danger connected to it.

Your greatest objective should be to get some of those "Big" keywords online! For example, "Marketing Tips" or "Marketing" in common. The only way to ever come near to the Big Pets is to begin little. Improve the key word and reduce your competitors.

Here's an example of this, let's use "Marketing". Wow, what a highly effective key word, but someone has to get it, right?

As of these days, if you look for for "Marketing" you will get 72,700,000 outcomes discovered within Search engines. That's a challenging one.

Going further, let's add "Marketing Tips", you get: 7,560,000 outcomes discovered.

Going a little further now, let's add "Web Promotion Tips", you'll get around: 5,760,000 outcomes discovered.

Let's go beyond that for our last look for, let's add "Web Site Promotion Tips", you'll get: 4,940,000 outcomes discovered.

Now take a excellent look at all those keywords, what do you see right in the middle??? You got it, that oh so highly effective phrase known as "Marketing"!

Are you beginning to see the value of focusing on bigger keywords (Larger significance more terms connected to it) ? ? ?

Eventually in the future, once you've done your due-dilligence and proved helpful difficult at focusing on these bigger keywords, google will begin to compensate your website with little and more challenging conditions to obtain.

Another way to achieve this is to focus on your regional industry 1st. Instead of focusing on "Web Site Promotion Tips" as a whole, you can focus on "Marketing In Hamilton, Ontario".

By focusing on the place you reside in, you not only focus on your regional industry 1st, you set your website up for achievements later on industry, which gradually is the relax of the world!

Let's just say I was to eliminate "Ontario" from that key word, how many places are known as "Hamilton" ??? Many more than you think!

So in conclusion:

Don't be reluctant to perform for your key terms and set your website up for achievements by focusing on bigger key terms to boost your possibilities of better search engines optimization positions. In the end, you'll get what you've been after, more visibility for your enterprise!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Is re-centralization the new SEO and effective copy must-have for CMS?

 The Content Management System (CMS) heralded a new age. Adding information to the web was no longer the realm of a solitary webmaster and in theory, anyone inside an organization could update content, post press releases and evolve the company's online presence easily. It was a revolution.

Using a CMS not only makes it so much simpler to update content and create new pages, it allows for the constant site-wide tweaks needed to coast through search engine algorithm changes. And once you have a dynamic URL re-writer, nothing should stand in the way of getting your unique compelling copy into the search engines and attracting all sorts of traffic. Content is "king" after all.   

There is one major issue however. By De-centralizing the editorial process and giving multiple people the ability to add and change the website's copy, your content may actually suffer. Diluted keyword density (effecting search engines results), poor readability (incorrect grammar and sentence structure) and uncertain intent (not sales driven enough in tone) can lead to disastrous copy. Bad writing is jarring for the user and detracts from your business acumen. Even with an Editor to oversee new content, there may be inconsistencies between writers and the process of editing and optimizing content can be time consuming, bringing your "instant" CMS process to a standstill. 

A Solution?

Designers of bespoke content management systems for large eCommerce websites know the many benefits of CMS and are not prepared to go back to the "dark ages". The challenge for the designers, developers and day to day users of content management systems is to ratify the search engine and syntax issues, while continuing to empower web writers.

The answer to this challenge may come from re-centralizing the final steps of the edit process while still giving individual writers the flexibility to add content themselves. Internet savvy companies are looking at ways to standardize their copy and make the output search engine effective, by evolving their content management platforms.

The result is proactive CMS with a built-in process to standardize and optimize new content, and the dawn of a new age when it comes to adding content to your website.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Profit From Using Google Places for Business

The World Wide Web, undoubtedly, is the most influential and highly effective device to link your company to the entire world. Many companies are enjoying the advantages of promoting their company online. One main way companies are gaining is by having their company detailed no cost online of charge and organized by the web's super massive, Google. Google places for company is one element of search engines that allows small companies to be known through online queries. It certainly is a very beneficial promotion means for regional entrepreneurs to predict further clients banging at your door. And it's free!
Advantages of Google Places for Business

You can acquire photo launches for no cost - It's fortunate for your company to be detailed under Google Places for they give you one of their many advantages, images of your company right exactly from where it is located. The best thing is that if your company is located in one of the major places, you need not to go elsewhere because Google Places will be more than willing to visit and confirm your managing place to catch images of top drawer for no cost.

You can feature more of your business information - An added advantage for Google Places is that apart from where your company is located, you can post extra specific details for clients to quickly track down mostly everything about your company. These days, people do research and company comparison online to save their persistence than actually looking at the company places themselves. By showing more details like the background and characteristics of your company, managing hours, payment options, the advantages and a lot more, you are already building relationship with your clients and the more details a possibility has about your company. The easier it is for them to determine about spending with you.

You can create your company display on Google Maps and iPhone queries - With the modern generation ahead of you, high technology is already crossing lines and forcing details to the limit. Imagine someone mobile and just browsing the world wide web through his or her iPhone, just one click of the word "search", he or she will already know where to find the company of their choice. And when your company is just close by, this quickly predict them getting into your gates. The Google Map is also a very useful device to quickly locate the street address of your company. This helps you to save the hassle of your client having to ask a stranger for guidelines. Google Places is makes it easy for you.

You can control other ranking - Google places for business results are normally located above all other results. If you have entered your business record properly, you're sure to be on top of the pile! Picture that. Whilst others are busy making an effort at SEO for their business to be seen, your business results can be easily placed at the top of Goole search results. This is even if you do not have a website.

Google places for business is the answer to business owners' wishes. The Yellow-colored Pages, and other print media are dying. Make that change to exactly where your clients are searching right now.

Need Improving Google Places Listing? We Can Help! We Offer an Affordable Google Places Optimization that would to earn your company. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6912099

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Learn Why SEO is Important to Small Businesses

SEO is not for every small business out there. However, being a small-scale business has many advantages in terms of development with SEO. Even experts say that SEO is ideal for little business.

Small organizations are simpler to control and function.

Compared to corporate companies, small business are simpler to control and operate. Entrepreneurs can put shorter period on managing operations and assign a chance to personally concentrating on their SEO strategies. This is essential especially when the SEO is just starting out. This is also a reason why SEO companies love dealing with new and small-scale businesses. They get enough a chance to teach SEO without effecting the business's functions.

In small business, client support is personalized

The personal level of client support is what SEO suppliers like about small organization. It is always simpler to talk with entrepreneurs of small companies and persuade them on how SEO can be beneficial to their organizations. Start-up company entrepreneurs usually work on their own or with a little team, which makes the optimization process simpler because there are less people to explain SEO to.

Smaller range business don't have much to lose

Owners of little and start-up companies have considerable investment strategies in their company, but most of them have nothing much to reduce in case their business fail to become effective. Start-up company entrepreneurs are usually risk-takers, and starting on an SEO strategy is something exciting for them.

Small company entrepreneurs are simpler to please

We know that many company proprietors make less benefit in comparison to bigger organizations. Small business aren't run by business CEOs who have experienced tremendous volumes of benefit. That's why startup company entrepreneurs tend to feel more grateful when their SEO strategies become effective.

Smaller range organizations serve a little sector of a locality

SEO becomes a major promotional device for these organizations because little organizations provide only to certain parts of their vicinity. As opposed to corpoarations, companies don't need to catch a national or international market. For many large-scale organizations SEO is considered only as a assisting marketing to traditional promotion techniques such as TV and print advertising.

SEO is ideal for little organizations because SEO can greatly benefit company entrepreneurs who cannot afford costly regular promotion techniques. Obviously, many of these company entrepreneurs do not have the money to try the conventional way of promoting a item. SEO is an affordable way of presenting a brand, making a network, promoting a item, and gaining massive volumes of profit

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What to Expect When You Get a Website Analysis Free

Marketing has always been identified as a necessary component of any business plan in order to boost brand recognition and drive consumer traffic. In the online environment it was once a simple task to market since every product had a few businesses trying to sell the goods or services of that industry. After the economic recession, there was a boom in small business growth due to the reduced number of jobs offered in the traditional job market. This has helped to significantly increase online competition, displaying the need for resources such as a website analysis free. From a solution such as this you will be able to gain information on major online components such as website status, SEO consistency as well as competitor placement. What was once considered a market of opportunity has now become a market of oversaturation where hundreds to thousands of websites promote the same goods or services.

Website Status

Most companies have some form of online presence developed through the utilization of a website or the creation of a social network page. In the past this link to the online environment was thought to provide access to vast riches simply by having an online location. These days the utilization of a website is only a single tool for online success and must be properly developed in order to be most effective. With the use of a free website analysis report your website will be reviewed by online pros who can rate the various aspects of this tool, identifying where improvements may be necessary.

SEO Consistency

In the marketing environment there are many different strategies a company can use in order to achieve success. Some businesses look to maximize brand recognition through advertisements while others try and take advantage of social networks to spread business awareness. While both resources offer benefits, the strongest marketing strategy always involves efforts in search engine optimization and the use of SEO website analysis. This tool of success allows consumers to easily find your business through search engines, providing you access to the over 80 billion searches conducted every day.

Competitor Placement

The third component you gain access to from your website analysis free is the identification of competitor placement. Understanding where you rank in comparison to major competitors will help reveal the need for change in various online efforts. When the primary reason you are not finding online success is due to competition, finding information on how you compare to your major competitors can prove invaluable.

Find out more on how you can enhance your company and get a website analysis free by visiting http://www.getseowebtraffic.com/free-seo-analysis/

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

URL is one of the important elements of SEO and affects your Page Rank

How essential are URLs in SEO?

Importance of URLs from the SEO perspective is highly questionable query. In the hundreds of look for web page optimization methods is it an essential one to be looked by the search engines? According to some SEO experts, placing search phrases in the URL is vital for your web page but featuring your product name in the URL is essential. On the other side some SEO gurus never support keyword wealthy URLS while indexed by the google. 

What exactly constitutes a look for web page friendly URL? 

There should be bit importance between the URL written text and the material on the corresponding web site. This stage of importance between the URL written text and the material on the corresponding web site decides the page success on the look for web page optimization algorithm stage. Relevant URLs seems informative to the web browsers and robots also supported by the robots. Targeting search phrases in the web URL is a smart concept to get higher position in the look for web page outcomes.

Keyword focused Vs Brand Advertising URL 

Does your URL should be keyword rich or it should be promoting your product is a most important query. If you are using a keyword focused URL it is definitely going to increase up your web page at SEO stage but it will be unable to promote your product identity in the marketplace. So what should be the best idea? A look for web page optimization helpful URL or a URL reflecting your product name?

Your URL is the first step of your online presence used for you branding in the marketplace. The URL should be catchy and appealing for the web users but it should be look for web page optimization helpful as well and it will be another advantage. While creeping the webpages robots also consider webpages having the key word in the URL. So, look for web page optimization helpful or keyword and key phrase wealthy URL will definitely be going to increase up your internet business by position you top on the google. 

All search engines do support the listing of keywords rich URLs. Portion of the URL matching to the look for query is always displayed in bold in the Google and Yahoo look for web page outcomes. Top 20 URLs is the look for web page outcomes are which contain the look for string.

Some characteristics of the effective URLs are as follows:

Ideal URLs are brief and simple. Shorter is always better. Short web addresses are always top on the popularity charts as they are memorable so the typing mistakes are least possible with brief URLS.

A effective URL should be the descriptive one. The URLs should be a review of your goods and services.

A URL memorable always performs better as compared to the complicated one.

An effective URL requires a bit creativity to combine with the unique feature of simplicity and descriptiveness to display it in the first encounter. For example, a URL after your name or your company's name, may not-in the long run-be the best choice.