Friday, August 3, 2012

Best Way To Market Your Website

You buy a domain name, get your website up and running. So what now?  Well you could just sit back and do nothing. Or you could start to market your website and get the word around about your new website and what you offer.So were to start and what to do and not to do when you start to market your site.

Link Directories. We will start by submitting your website to link directories.Find as many free link directories and you can not one or two but hundreds,Submit your website to all of them remember to add your keywords in the title and description of the submission info.Directories are a great source of back-links and traffic you can start by submitting your website to our very-own Directory this will get you started in your directory submissions.

Articles. Articles are also a great way to get your site noticed,Write a detailed article about your site and what you offer place your keywords in the article and a link to your site,Now you can submit your site to some free blogs or paid blogs,Choose blogs with high Page-rank even if you have to pay as the high Page-rank means that the blog owners have a large number of back link to there site and thus will have good traffic,Make your article long and don't insert to many links as most Blog owners limit the amount of links in each submitted article.

Forums. Forums can bring visitors to your website,Join a few good forums place your link in your profile signature and post in the forums,do not spam the forums as that will only get you banned. Search Engines visit forums more than the average website and more frequently so your site will get indexed and gain link with your signature if you use the forum correctly and follow there rules.

Link Exchange. Exchange links with other websites. Relevant Links are the best links this means try to exchange links with websites similar to yours,Use keywords in you exchange This is called anchor text(Example) if your selling A certain product on your website lets say (remote control cars) In your link exchange use that keyword but remember to change your keyword frequently when you exchange links if you keep using the same anchor text in links Google will look at this as spam so change your anchor text after around ten links,then use a different keyword,You can always go back to the same keyword in your anchor text at a later time as Google will not class this as spam.

Irrelevant links. Some so called SEO experts will tell you not to link to irrelevant websites,This is not true A link is a link at the end of the day but relevant links will have more weight in SEO than  irrelevant links and put your site up the ranks faster,However irrelevant link will not hurt your site in the slightest,We all know that they will not get you up the ranks faster but they may bring traffic to your website and traffic means sales we wont get anywhere without traffic,So don't be put of if the link is not relevant to your website.

Search Engine Submission. If you have done all the above then there is no need to submit your new website to the top search engines like Google, AOL, MSN.However there are thousands of other search engines that don't visit these sites on a regular basis.So how do we find these other search engines.this is were we call in some help find a good Search engine submission service website as these sites will have all the other little search engines in there database so they will submit your website for you,When i say little that doesn't mean that this will not be in your best interest as it will,All the smaller search engines will bring you a great number of traffic.To date we have over one million search engines in our database and will submit your website to them all.

Don't Spam your keywords, don't Spam forums, don't Submit your website to search engines too constantly, let them find you and use a good service once every six months to submit to all the ones you cant find.

Don't Be scared to exchange links with irrelevant websites. 

Follow my tips And enjoy your website.


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